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Birds-Eye View of Campground

Enjoy this birds eye view of our campground! 

The Expo Center RV Campground is located just outside the fence of the King County Fairgrounds, at the Enumclaw Expo Center, with easy access to State Highway 410 and the Chinook Scenic Byway.

The RV Park offers 27 year-round paved sites.




NOTICE TO SKIERS and others wanting late checkouts: Some skiers and campers, who spend the night at our campgrounds, have asked for a late check out. CHECK OUT TIME IS 12 NOON. You must check with the Camp Host in advance to make sure no one is scheduled to come into your site. If allowed, there is a $10 late check out fee, payable to the Camp Host at the time of your request. This $10 allows you to stay until 2pm. Staying past 2pm will require payment of another full night of the site where you are camped. Enumclaw Expo RV Park is not a long-term RV lot. We reserve the right to limit the stay of any camper in the lot for facility need.

You must Book 7 consecutive NIGHTS, on the same reservation, to receive the free night*

*If reservation is over a holiday weekend then the 7th night is NOT offered free, and each night is charged.

The campground has one "Honey Bucket" near the RV sites. There is a shower house located on the Fair Grounds, which is about an 800 ft. walk from the campground. We allow campers to use the shower house during hours that the EXPO grounds are open. Please check the board in front of the Camp Host's site for directions.

The bulletin board at the park entrance also has other pertinent information for the area . If you care to leave us a review please do so on Google.


  • There are times that we have events that buy out our entire campground. Therefore the Enumclaw RV Campground is NOT a long term campground, but a recreational place to camp.
  • EFFECTIVE MAY 8, 2023 - RV models more than 20 years old are not permitted on the RV Campground property. RV's that are less than 20 years old that appear less-than appealing (duct-tape windows, missing windows, doesn't sit level, leaks any types of fluids, etc.) can also be asked to depart without a refund. If you own a “refurbished vintage” RV and want to be considered, you can submit photos for approval. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the General Manager. Please submit any photos to be considered to
  • Campers are NOT allowed to use the EXPO campgrounds as a home address or mailing address. Any packages or mail arriving at the EXPO office will be "returned to sender".
  • Personal items left outside the RV must be kept tidy and within your assigned space at all times.
  • There are NO sewer hookups, nor a dump site in the park. The nearest dump site is Ron’s Auto Care ($10) in Enumclaw, or the Buckley Eagle’s ($10). If evidence of any dumping of gray or black water is found around your RV, you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund. Dumping of gray or black water into the sanitary portable restroom is NOT allowed.
  • We only allow 1 week initial stay. You may reserve a second week, with approval from the Admin office. Then you must vacate the campground for a week.
  • All reservations are made online. No cash reservations, no drop ins.
  • Please remember we count NIGHTS, not days of stay. Your day starts at 1pm on the day you arrive and ends at NOON on your check out day. Early arrivals are not allowed unless cleared by the Admin Office. (360-226-3493) If you need a late check-out, please see above. If fees are ignored, charges will be put against camper and camper not welcomed back until balances are satisfied.
  • Tents are ONLY ALLOWED between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and there is no discount camping for tents. Tents are NOT allowed in the Red Sites.
  • RV campers are allowed to add one tent to their campsite, during the months tents are allowed.
  • RV's may not be left unattended overnight without permission from Camp Host.
  • Damage to a campsite will be negotiated with management. If guests refuse to pay damages fees, guests will be asked to leave and blocked from future reservations. No refunds will be issued for unused paid nights.
  • Non negotiable damage fee of $500 to anyone that dumps sewer anywhere within the Expo grounds.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Clean up after your pet.
  • Garbage must be deposited in the appropriate dumpsters and not be left around the outside of the RV
  • You are expected to be considerate at all times to others in the lot as well as our neighbors. Absolutely no loud or disruptive noise after 10pm.
  • If you do not follow the above rules, you will be asked to leave the campground and you will forfeit any monies already paid.

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