Enumclaw Expo Event Center's Covid Statement

Enumclaw Expo & Event Center (EEEC) is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for all guests, tenants, volunteers and employees, and will use reasonable efforts to implement health and safety-related procedures and protocols. However, due to numerous factors outside of our control, including the uncertainty of availability of personal protective equipment, supplies and materials, ever evolving governmental orders, directives and guidelines, and the regular dissemination of new public health information, the EEEC make no representations, warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the implementation of health and safety-related procedures and protocols, all of which are subject to change. Due to the dynamic nature and rapid evolution of public health emergencies and the responses of governmental officials, conditions on the EEEC property may change more quickly than health and safety-related procedures and protocols can be updated. As a result, you should not rely only on the specific procedures or protocols that are in place at the time of your visit to the
EEEC. While the EEEC looks forward to welcoming everyone to the property, the EEEC sincerely encourage all visitors to closely consider all current local, state and Federal guidelines and all available public health information prior to visiting the EEEC.